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Disclaimer: though the opinions in the whole site are backed by (the author’s understanding of) the archived articles, they are only subjective and in no way resulting from any comprehensive university study. Make your own opinion!

The purpose here is to give an insight into safety in a wide range: history, concepts, applications… The general topics are covered in the top menu while the archive part in the left menu deals only with hang gliding and paragliding. The site is intended as an international resource, hence the English, but the author is far from being an English native, so feel free to step in and help correct mistakes!

Safety is involved as soon as people are interacting with their environment, especially using machines. It is at a crossroad between science, psychology, organization, design among others. Quite austere, it means often wounds or death. A usual reaction is then to consider that only others are concerned and quickly skip to more benign topics. Of course, weaknesses remain unsolved that way.

A brief introduction can be to read Preventing Omission Errors and Happened Recently on an Airfield. All documents around are gathered in this page. As many matters, safety becomes quite simple once the few concepts at stake are understood. Welcome!